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Types of Moves

There are many types of moves in Ontario. We lay out which ones we provide you with here
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Mover Servicing House Moves, Office Moves, Piano Moving and Furniture Removal, and Providing Moving Supplies, Storage Units and Moving Tips in Toronto ON and the GTA


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Deliveries, small moves or something you bought on Craigslist or Kijiji.  We have a professional mover and cube van for you.

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Moving experts to ensure your furniture is packed with care for the long journey.

House Moves

Home, condo or apartment.  When it comes to residential moving, we are dedicated to providing a Personal Moving Plan that meets your needs..

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We are experienced with boarder requirements to ensure a hassle free crossing.

Office Moves

Dis-assembly and reassembly of office furniture, careful packing of your technology.  We understand how critical your space it to you.

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Indoor, temperature controlled, out door and on-location storage.  We will help you find the best storage solution for your needs.

Move Service Toronto ONA Comprehensive Guide To Moving in Greater Toronto Area

Moving is one of the trickiest and strenuous processes in life. While shifting your residence or business, you need to take care of a lot of things so that your belongings are moved to the desired location safely and securely in a hassle free way. Given the complexity involved in the moving process, you always need the assistance of reliable moving companies that can assist you in the most professional way. Right from start to finish, a systematically planned and meticulously executed moving process can help you make the whole experience a pleasure.

Should You Hire Professional Movers

It always pays to hire a professional moving company in GTA.In this regard, you must always be prepared to do the necessary research. While professional moving companies can devote the necessary knowledge and attention required for handling and transporting your belongings the safest way, they also have several added advantages to help you accomplish a hassle free effective moving process. Professionally run moving companies are licensed and insured to run their operations legally and as per the norms given out by the governmental authorities. They can be accountable in the event of any unanticipated mishap happening in the process.

Remember that while moving, if the laborers involved get injured, it pays when they have the necessary insurance. If not so, then you might be liable to compensate them. If the contracted laborers are untrustworthy and steal your goods, then you are under great risk. The goods that you have at home are always connected with your deep sentiments and have a lot of emotional value. It obviously becomes essential that you get them handled by responsible people who are also accountable and dependable. You must never overlook the importance of hiring a professional moving firm to entrust your moving process. Do some ground work to identify the best movers for an effective moving process.

Why contract full service moving firms in GTA

Moving is not an isolated task. There are several stages involved in moving like packing, loading, shifting, unloading, unpacking and arranging them at the new location. In each of these steps, a great amount of care and due professionalism is called for so that the goods are safe and secure. Full service moving companies undertake the full range of these activities as a comprehensive package. While taking off the entire burden of the relocation process from your hands and heads, these companies can also give their high degree of professionalism and experience that the home owners and businessmen need while moving their belongings. They have the necessary experience, strategy and skills to handle diverse range of items giving each of them the due care they deserve. Their personnel are well trained to deal with all kinds of challenging situations. With a well established system, they can pack, move and unpack the things quickly and securely assuring their safety. Obviously, it is a great idea to hire packers and movers.

Some of the advantages with full service moving firms include the following

  • They can guarantee the pick-up and delivery dates.
  • They shall first provide protective coverings for floors to avoid any damage to property while moving.
  • They have the necessary packing materials to pack even the most challenging items like computer systems and pianos.
  • They also undertake delivery and unpacking services
  • They have storage units and fully equipped containers.

Since full service moving firms are at once movers and packers, you can stay at peace concentrating on other important things connected to the relocating process once you hire them. This will put you at peace.

What to look for in moving firms

Pricing is perhaps the last thing to look for in a moving deal you sign up with a firm. Irrespective of how you locate the moving company, you must ensure whether the company is a genuine one with an accomplished track record. In the first place, beware of fraudulent companies. Some moving firms might offer to move your belongings for a very cheap rate, but you might end up paying a high price for that since either they might do an unprofessional job and damage your goods or might steal the belongings. It is necessary that the moving firms are licensed. Ensure whether the firms you contract has the necessary strategy, technology, streamlined process, the best professionals well trained in the art and a commitment to customers, security and safety of goods.

Piano and Furniture Moving

Piano is a wonderful instrument and one of the most cherished possessions of the homeowner. It has a lot of keys, strings, pedals and several delicate parts. Piano moving has to be handled the most professional are careful way. So, while moving the piano with your household items, ensure the moving company pays attention to factors including a skilful packing and unpacking using state of the art packing materials, trucks that are climate controlled, strong and secured crating and a very careful handling. You must ensure whether the firm you contract is experienced piano movers.

Furniture removal and moving furniture are the trickiest tasks associated with home or office moving. When you move furniture with the help of a professional moving firm, it is necessary that you pay attention to the strategies they employ to ascertain whether they are skilled furniture movers. This is necessary to ensure that the furniture is handled safely without any damage or bruises. Do not hesitate to ask them how they can ensure this.

Essentials to focus while contracting a moving firm

Whether it is moving house or office moving, there are several steps involved when you are seeking a moving quote Toronto. Pay attention to each of these ones so that your moving mission is accomplished in the perfect way.

In the first place, identify a handful of firms and let the company personnel inspect the location and get to know what you have got to say regarding the move. Get quotes from each of them. Thoroughly examine the various aspects of the quote and ascertain whether all the different clauses are suitable to your expectation and requirement. If you are not clear of certain factors in the quote, never hesitate to get them cleared in discussion with the personnel. Compare between the quotes and choose the best one.

Though the movers are usually thorough with the idea of what equipments they must get, it is necessary that you get to know what have got included in the quote. Generally, they will supply the moving equipment, packaging materials, laborers and vehicle involved in the process. Therefore you need to ascertain all these factors clearly before signing up with the firm. Negotiate the cost for all these categories.

Sometimes, the move is charged by hour. You need to ensure whether the move is possible. If you stay in an apartment, it is a good idea to reserve an elevator during the moving process. If all the goods are to be moved through the stairs, it will consume a lot of time and money. The same logic applies when you have to contract office movers.

Examine the route to your house to ensure there is good enough space for getting the vehicle to reach your place. You must see whether the furniture and goods will pass through the doors and windows. If necessary, you must e prepared to dismantle them. In case the furniture cannot go through the doors, the movers shall deploy special equipment to take it out of the windows.

Request for a visual estimate from the moving firm to organize the relocation in the best possible way. If you have to move big furniture, the movers will need to inspect your home personally to be able to organize the various strategies for dealing with the moving process in an appropriate manner customized for your situation.

Especially when you are in a hurry to accomplish the moving process quickly, you need to exercise a great care to see that the firm you contract is accomplished last minute movers lest youare risking the safety of your belongings.

About Packing

If you are contracting a full service moving firm, they shall undertake to pack the items for you in a highly professional way. If you are thinking of packing the items yourself, then you must make a proper note of the following.

Packing supplies are the most crucial aspect of a meticulous packing that shall ensure the safety of your belongings. The point is it is better to have too many materials than too few for the packing process. In the first place, procure all the packing materials readily in hand before you give a start.

For moving the goods, you must always use good boxes. Used boxes will do the job if they are in decent shape and are not torn, bent or damp. The ideal packaging materials for most items in a household or office are new corrugated cardboard boxes. On the box, you will find the edge-crush test rating. Ensure this is at least 32 pounds per inch. Bulk purchases will prove economical. Whether you choose to procure new or old boxes, you must go for a variety of sizes depending on the items in hand for moving.

For packing dishes and fragile items, procure dish barrels that are manufactured of double walled cardboard. You also come across wardrobe boxes that have metal bars for hanging the clothes. This arrangement shall render the packing and unpacking process easy.

The ideal choice with regard to tape is the brown packing tape. Remember mask tape and duct tapes are not meant for this purpose as they do not stick well with cardboards. For packing quickly and effectively, it is worth buying heavy duty tape gun.

Very less people know the importance of procuring packing paper for the moving process. In fact, this is the secret weapon of a professional mover. Packing paper is usually unprinted newsprint. This is a highly cost effective and versatile kind of packing material you can think of. For padding between items, you can crumple it. You can use it to wrap items. It can give you the right amount of protection you will need for the safety of your belongings. One good thing is that unlike bubble wrap, packing paper can be recycled. When you are using newspaper form padding, use it only around already wrapped items as newspaper can stain the items.

The other items that can come handy for packing process include bubble wrap, box cutters to unpack, permanent markers, mattress bags, furniture pads and renting dollies and hand carts.

The best thing about hiring a professional full service moving firm is that they shall have all things you need in place and employ the best strategies out of their experience to handle the packing in a meticulous way. This will save the effort and money you need to buy the packing materials and also the wastage you are likely to cause.

Moving Quotes

Enough care with regard to moving quotes will let you save enough money and also accomplish the job perfectly. Three things go into decide the moving quotes including the dates you plan, the distance of the destination and the volume of goods. Note the following tips to get the best moving quote Toronto.

From place to place and between different service providers, how the date of moving can affect the quote differs significantly. Therefore it is advisable to plan the move during the right time. Experts suggest that the moving date is scheduled considering what is the best time for the mover rather than the owner. Since, when the moving is accomplished during times of lesser demand, then the costs could come down. Consider moving on weekdays than weekends. Also moving during the middle of the month can cost lesser than to choose month ends and month beginnings. However, clarify this in consultation with the service provider.

The other factors that can affect the quoted price include distance over which the moving has to be done and the volume of the goods to be shifted. However, you do not have control over these two factors though you ca certainly discuss them with the moving company.

Useful Tips For A Hassle Free Moving Process in GTA

Plan in advance. Irrespective of how you wish to accomplish the moving, you need to plan in advance. This can help prevent several last minute hassles. Actually, you need to make the arrangements several weeks before the intended date of moving.

Check with your community whether it has any contacts of moving firms that provide discounts. Irrespective of the route you choose, the longer the lead time, the lesser are the chances of snag.

Moving craters, also called as pods are huge craters meant to load your stuff with. On the scheduled date of moving, the container is picked up by a truck and shifted to the new location. It would be a major convenience if you have some vacant site near your house to store a large container for a few days while you keep preparing for the move. It is also important to see whether the container of the specification you shall use can be delivered at the destination.

Prioritize the items to pack over a given period. First pack the lesser used things and then move on to highly used ones in the order of the extent of use.

It is a good idea to sell away or donate unused items and clothes. This shall help maintain the new location in a tidy manner and also bring down the cost of shifting. Also, if you are preparing to sell them, you will have some extra cash to use on the moving process. Do not discard all of the used clothes. They can be used to wrap around the fragile items to provide a cushion effect. You can discard them alter after unpacking the things at the destination.

Pack the items in a thoughtful way to avoid damage. For instance, stack plates on their edges inserting them like you would do the vinyl records. The likelihood of breaking is reduced this way. Place the stemware upside down. While packing mismatched goods, do them in layers with the heaviest ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. It is good to place crushed paper on the bottom of every box. Boxes should not rattle at the end of packing. So, fill the empty spaces with crumpled paper and seal the boxes tightly.

Gather the first use items and place them inside clear plastic bins for easy identification. This shall help you avoid hassles while settling down in the new place. Group the items by destination (the room to which they belong) and pack them together. On the respective containers mark the destination (ex: kitchen utensils).

It is a good idea to number the boxes and record the total number so that you can know if one goes missing.

Always keep the important papers with you while being on the move.

Take a photograph of your empty apartment just before moving and the new apartment just before you move in. this can come handy during property damages or security disputes.

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